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We have very close working relationships with many carriers and can deliver containers in the most efficient way by means of one-way or empty shipping.

In last decades, we have been shipped hundreds of thousands containers to different countries accroding to customer requirement. ( see countried marked with blue )  Meanwhile, we continue expand our delivery territory per clients increasng demanding. 


One Way Shipping

One way shipping is used to deliver most standard ISO equipment as it is the most cost efficient way of moving containers. Containers are loaded with cargo at the point of origin and then used ´one way´ to the delivery location. Upon arrival containers are emptied and then returned according to the delivery instructions.

Empty Shipping

 Specialized equipment such as Mini Containers, Reefers, Open Tops and other non ISO equipment is usually moved by ´empty´ shipping. GVCT is experienced in finding the best shipping route and at the most competitive rates.