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Taranto deal with Evergreen gives HPH Central Med foothold
信息来源:    2008-12-24

HUTCHINSON Port Holdings (HPH) will become a joint shareholder of the Taranto Container Terminal SPA along Evergreen Group in exchange of a minority stakes in London Thamesport (LTP) and ECT Delta, said an HPH statement.

"We are happy with this new investment as it will enable HPH to establish its first transshipment presence in the central Mediterranean," said HPH managing director John Meredith.

A 100-hectare facility, central industrial location, effective road and rail connectivity and 170 nautical miles to the Suez-Gibraltar shipping route has made the Port of Taranto on the heel of the Italian boot one of the top five container ports in Italy.

The facility has a quay length of 2,050 metres and a depth of 15.5 metres. It began operations in 2001 and has been granted a 60-year concession.

"This transaction will further enhance our global relationship with Evergreen," said Mr Meredith.

Said Evergreen Group vice chairman Raymond: "We are able to access HPH´s wealth of knowledge in common user terminal management and at the same time gain an interest in two very important deep sea container terminals in northern Europe."