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Container lessor revenues plateau and profits fall
信息来源:    2014-9-29

Comments from the three NYSE-listed container lessors (Textainer, TAL International and CAI International) on their first-half 2014 performance contained mixed indicators on market conditions and prospects for the sector:
• All three lessors made additional investments in new equipment and reported continued fleet growth (see table below).
• There were signs that the lessor-owned portion of the world container fleet would continue to increase as a shortage of capital forced the shipping lines to hold back on new equipment purchases.
• There was confirmation that stronger demand for equipment from the shipping lines in recent months had enabled these three lessors to improve their combined fleet utilisation from slightly below 95% in the first quarter to slightly above 95% in the second quarter.
• There was a recognition that the combination of high levels of liquidity in the leasing sector and relatively low new container prices was squeezing margins on the lease out of both new equipment from factory and of in-fleet equipment from depot.
• Textainer CEO Phil Brewer also remarked that declines in resale market prices were reducing gains on the sale of equipment being retired from the fleet.